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New Mindstir Media book The Fear of Being Eaten: A Biography of the Heart has been released

The Fear of Being Eaten: A Biography of the Heart by Ronald J. Wichers has been released worldwide from Mindstir Media, LLC. The book, based on a true story, centers on Jacqueline and Tommy and these compelling questions: What if you married a man who didn’t care about you? What if there was a child in the neighborhood for whom you developed a special fondness but was nine when you were nineteen and twenty when you were thirty with two children and a husband who still didn’t care? And what if you were a boy whose only happy memories were a few soft words uttered now and again by a beautiful neighbor ten years your senior and whose voice and face and figure, back-lighted by the golden light of the setting sun, were all that would sustain you when your life was threatened every minute of every day in the mire of a squalid war nobody wanted?

At 264 pages, the novel is a quick yet compelling read. The Fear of Being Eaten: A Biography of the Heart is available via Amazon and other retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. The suggested retail price for the paperback edition is $14.99.

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